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We are a small family owned business that is working hard to be the best we can be! We are adding new items to our business as often as we can, taking extreme care to be sure it is quality made and something everyone will enjoy.


We decided to exit the Yard Card business and grow other options for outdoor entertainment. We currently offer our S'mores Station, Giant Yard Pong, Blue Tooth PA speakers and a few yard games with much more to come!

Stick around and watch us grow...


If you're looking for a delicious way to provide dessert, you found it! With tons of options to add to the deliciousness, the S'mores Station is a hit!


Giant Yard Pong

Maybe you've played beer (or pop) pong, but have you played GIANT YARD PONG?? It's like we put the Red Solo cups and ping pong balls in enlarging machine and cranked up the dials just for your entertainment!

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